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The incorporation of Navarro Schlegel, who has been living in Silicon Valley for over 30 years, is a strategic approach for the expansion of the Business School in the states. The school will also start operations in LatAm in the first half of 2021.

  • The challenge rounds up a commitment of the chairwoman: bringing a hands-on solution towards the salary gap and women in leadership roles.


Barcelona, March 8th.- Aula Magna Business School® goes global to expand its successful proven model. “On the verge of the graduation of the first cohort of students, we have validated the model and exceeded all expectations, which leaves us in a privileged situation to extend horizons and go global”, says Clara Lapiedra, CEO and Founder of Aula Magna Business School®.

Anna Navarro Schlegel was scouting Aula Magna since it was a smaller project, and has been believing in it ever since, with several calls to understand it and offering perspective, Anna became more and more involved. With deep knowledge in the existing executive programs, they happened to meet through a collaborator of the business school. “What started with a sparring call, ended up seducing this top female leader, raising her interest to getting more involved. After several weeks of negotiations, we finally came to an agreement that are both proud to announce, and Anna signs on as our Global Chair”, states Lapiedra.

On her side, Navarro Schlegel claims that “The proposal of Aula Magna meets all key success requirements for a Business School that promotes inclusion and promotion of more women in leadership roles. The purpose of the school completely matches the values I share in the associations I have founded”. Associations in which, by the way, Navarro Schlegel puts together over 15,000 women. To top it off, Anna was named Most Influential Women in Technology 2020 by the organization Analytics Insight. So we are thrilled! To learn more about Anna you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @annapappallona or visit her website:

Our offering, the “Executive Development Program” (EDP) follows the case method, with real life cases of world-renowned companies such as Coca-Cola, Zurich, Salesforce, Inditex, Google or even FC Barcelona. Plus, the program focuses not only in the content but also on the structure, fitting into a working woman’s agenda and making it feasible for her to follow. “Executive women finally find the way to gain access to a course they can follow, since it fits to their workday schedule, no homework is due and promotes an inclusive and quality education without any gender biases”, remarks Lapiedra. 

Enrollment session for the second edition of the program in Aula Magna Business School® is open, starting in April. The program is 20-week long and the main goal is to promote female’s management and visibility skills. The program is fully online and interactive, in order to maximize networking and follow the trends of the new era of eLearning.

Welcome Anna, let’s go global!

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